The Institut Synergie



Guest at home.

If you visit us in Vlotho, we’ll roll out the red carpet. Somehow, our chef usually seems to know what your favourite food is and will spoil you with homemade cake.


The garden has been designed so that you can relax and enjoy yourself there during breaks. And on a rainy day, you can look from the training room with its enormous window right into the old garden.

A bit of history

Since 25 November 2002, we’ve called ourselves Institut Synergie. In his writings, Aristotle describes synergy as a condition where “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”.

Then, “Synergie” was a reference to Wilma Pokorny-van Lochem and Alfons Walter’s partnership. In founding their institute, they combined their expertise and experience to support clients with their advice and assistance. Due to the continuous expansion of their network, the Institut Synergie is now a well-known presence in the business and industry sectors.

Today  “Synergie” stands for our attitude to you, our clients. Together with you, we want to create synergies – for your success. We see ourselves in the role of your “facilitators” or “learning partners”. You will never encounter a consultant with us who will make a call on what’s good for you or your business before having got to know you and your concerns.

Our main building in Vlotho dates from 1870. It a sense of straight lines and straightforwardness with a very personal, open atmosphere. And that’s what you can expect from working with us: a straightforward and personal collaboration.

Or: diverse – multilingual and much more personal.

Our premises

Bright, spacious and modern, yet individual and cosy. This is what makes our studio spaces stand out. Our training room has an enormous window which lets in natural daylight – giving it the perfect atmosphere for training.  For small groups, our coaching room and lodge can offer just the right ambience.

About food and drink

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. [Virginia Woolf]

It is said that our brain takes up a quarter of our daily energy consumption. All the more reason for us to pay an equal amount of attention to it. Because you’ll certainly be using your brain in our training. That’s why you’ve come to us.

But catering for our guests goes much further than simply ensuring an equivalent energy input. In keeping with our motto “diverse” and “much more personal”, you’ll always get fresh, choice food, and every meal is prepared with loving care.

Institut Synergie GmbH