Current coaching and training topics

You can not build up experience.

We think orange.

What sounds strange at first, is easy to explain. The roots of the Institute Synergy, more specifically of Wilma Pokorny-van Lochem, lie in the Netherlands. And even if our neighbor is relatively small on the map, he is surprisingly far ahead of us in many respects: the seminar actors – the so-called ‘trainingacteurs’ come from here and also the way they deal with each other – especially on a business level – is another.

This is reflected again and again in our training and coaching. Concrete workshop topics emerged from questions that arose from trainer conferences and trade fairs on ‘our topics’ and workshops. So we are constantly learning new exciting topics from which we develop methods that make life easier for our participants. On request, we can then also convey these to you in workshops and seminars.

With us you will find the ideal basis for your seminar: many years of experience, qualified trainers and facilities that create a perfect basis for learning. Whether as in-house training, for a group or individuals – from now on you have the opportunity to book “our” topics individually.

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