The Quality of our Trainings

The education of our Seminar Actors is scientiffically confirmed.

Within the scope of his bachelor thesis, which has been awarded a rating of 1.0, Bielefeld’s business administration graduate Sascha Drewes has spent  six months evaluating the training of seminar actors. The training for already trained and experienced actors is, to the best of our knowledge, the only training of this kind on the German market and enables them to be used as learning partners and behavioral experts in trainings, coachings and assessments.

On the basis of the model “Evaluating Training Program – The Four Levels” by Donald L. Kirkpatrick, Sascha Drewes asked all previous graduates about their experiences with the training. The focus was on the satisfaction, the improvement of skills, as well as the implementation in the professional practice and the final evaluation of the entire measure.

A comprehensive questionnaire, sent to all of four generations of seminar actors and with a very good response rate of over 70%, gave a consistently positive picture. Both the satisfaction, as well as the learning successes of the graduates are given to a high degree. Despite a relatively large variance of the different levels of knowledge, almost all participants described that the learning content was highly relevant for the daily work of a seminar actor and that they were just as practicable. This was underlined by concluding individual statements, such as: “The training has influenced me personally and professionally very positively.” We are particularly pleased.

With this scientific elaboration, there is also proof of the quality and efficiency of the seminar actor training and consequently of the work of the seminar actors. In addition, we will gladly implement the mentioned recommendations for action and will continue to ensure the continuous development and improvement of training on this path.

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