The Three-Pitchers Principle

institut-synergie-vlotho-3-Kannen-Prinzip seminarschauspiel

As you deliberately think positive.

The Three-Pitchers Principle is a simple yet effective and striking model based on a very valuable psychological interaction: when people receive something, they are automatically willing to give something in return. And that’s what we work with in this workshop.


The Three-Pitchers Principle offers the possibility to get big results using empathy and influence. The method is therefore particularly suited to people working in sales and purchasing who find themselves confronted with a great deal of conflict or opposition, but also to managers who need to be prepared for this kind of situation. The basis of it is the Dutch term Assertiviteit.

Assertiviteit means: managers and their organisation create a culture which enables employees not only to recognise the needs of the company and their supervisors, but to find the courage to voice their own needs, and consequently take steps jointly towards a solution. Therefore, Assertiviteit is the basis for transparency and the courage for clear and explicit bottom-up communication.

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