Seminar Actors

Learning by your own reflection.

Would you like to experience for yourself what a seminar actor is and how s/he works? Tired of the same old training and workshops? Want to know how you can make your communication permanently more effective and efficient, and have fun at the same time? Looking for consistent criteria for all assessment participants?

„The coaching with seminar actors really made me stronger! I can now deal with critical situations differently. Again and again, I can see that my reactions have changed.”

Michael Niehoff, sales representative INFORM

Originally from the Netherlands, this method was brought to Germany by the Institut Synergie. The mirror method, an additional invention by Institut Synergie GmbH, is globally unique and has already received several international awards. In this way, the participants get mirrored in their role. By looking into a “living mirror”, participants are presented with their own behaviour and communication. Following immediately on from the mirroring, the participants can practise how to implement what they’ve learned. This cements the transfer of what they’ve learned into practice.

BASIS.Workshop About the work with seminar actors

The Institut Synergie especially trains professional actors to engage in training, coaching and assessment. The seminar actors mainly function as a counterpart in role-playing. They are specifically trained for this purpose, which accordingly ensures the lasting success of the workshop participants. They serve as the behavioural experts and respond to the participants’ actions and communication.

Like to meet us and experience our seminar actors first-hand? We offer regularly BASIS.Workshops about the work with our seminar actors in our training centre in Vlotho. Here you can find out all about the origin of the method, the many possible ways seminar actors can function and, as a participant, try out the method yourself.

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