For those who expect more.

More diversity.

Our service portfolio is very diverse. In addition to training and coaching on all conceivable topics, we also offer the implementation of assessment and development centers. We carry out your individual training or coaching with the same care and personal initiative as large-scale and wide-ranging measures. Within the measures, we regularly use specially trained seminar actors. We also offer coaches the opportunity to use the seminar actors in their own trainings.

More originals.

With us you work with the original. After Wilma-Pokorny-van Lochem brought the topic of seminar drama from the Netherlands – known as ‘trainingacteurs’ – to Germany in 2006, she began to train this individually. Today we provide only certified seminar actors and trained trainers to our customers. We pay particular attention to the selection and training of our seminar actors. It lasts at least one year and is always kept up to date through regular supervision meetings.

With the largest German seminar actor pool, we offer the right seminar actor for your training / coaching or assessment. In over 13 languages and we are regularly traveling internationally.

More personality.

We work with personalities.
Our seminar actors and coaches have personality.
And one thing is particularly important to us: to maintain a personal relationship with our customers despite constant growth.

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