Appearance & Impact

Appearance with effect.

By working with a trained actor, you can receive comprehensive, competent feedback on the impression you make on others. Added to this, we work on your power of your mind. Combined, these steps help enhance your charisma. Take advantage of the opportunity to look at yourself through the eyes of a professional and reap the benefits of concrete, practice-orientated tips and direction.

Individual coaching day

On an individual coaching day, you’ll get a programme designed especially for you with a coach and one of our seminar actors. Possible areas of attention include:

  • breathing & voice
  • interaction with an audience
  • dealing with blackouts & stage fright
  • creating a sense of suspense
  • storytelling
  • the five most important points in using a camera
  • verbal and non-verbal communication
  • being prepared yet appearing authentic
  • understanding rhetoric
  • spatial use of the stage
  • other issues upon request

A follow-up transfer coaching can be arranged in consultation.

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