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When you come to our training and coaching sessions, you come with a purpose. You want to learn –or unlearn – something. In return, we’ll show you how to get professional training and still have fun at the same time.

We only use the best people for your training. All of the coaches in our team – and also the seminar actors – have been trained by the Institut Synergie and are subject to regular supervision. We put you into contact with people who have a supreme mastery of their craft and subject matter.  And we’re confident that they can teach you something new. People who are on the same wavelength as you, also on a human level. Linguistically, culturally and personally.

The coaching with seminar actor has made me strong. I deal with critical situations today differently. Time and again I realize that today I react differently.

Michael Niehoff, sales representative Inform


In coaching, we tailor our approach to your specific needs. Perhaps you need a loan of an extra pair of ears? Or you would like to temporarily outsource your thoughts in our brain – save it to the cloud, so to speak? We can take the matter in hand and build structure together. Four eyes can see better than two.

Because of our many years of coaching experience, we have a well-stocked toolbox overflowing with different methods at our disposal. In our first interview, we’ll determine which ones we’ll be using with you. But one thing is certain: coaching only works if you choose to put yourself into our hands and we can get on with each other.  Grab this opportunity and let us show you what we can do.

You want a coaching with a “crash-test-dummie” in which you can try out everything you have learned? Then use the opportunity to book a seminar actor for your coaching. In contrast to the “classic role-playing game”, the seminar actor is trained for more than a year in coaching. He acts as a behavioral expert, reacting specifically to your actions and your communication and shows you in this way a look into the “living” mirror. In addition, you receive qualified feedback that ensures the success and sustainability of your coaching.

More about the seminar actors

Are you looking for something special?

Then book our coaching with horses.

It is not magic or esotericism. But it works. Horses are very sensitive to the smallest changes in our posture. They are true masters at decoding our inner attitude. Then they give a blunt, immediate feedback. In the spirit of our straightforwardness.

For the coaching with horses you need no experience in dealing with horses and no special equipment. Pumps and suit are rather impractical in this appointment.


Assessment and development center under constant conditions in realistic work situations? That’s possible.
At the Assessment and Development Center, the psychologist soul gets really excited. It is measured without comparison and meticulously designed to create constant environmental factors. In doing so, we put all our knowledge about aptitude-diagnostic procedures into the scale. Everything to give you objective results. For that we have come up with a lot in the last few years. In addition to the human measuring equipment, we have technical aids, such as an extra assessment software programmed for us with our tool “Tracer”.
In the spirit of reliability, we also use specially trained seminar actors. These ensure that even the 100th participant in an assessment is confronted with exactly the same “customer” or “employee”.

Strategy analysis with Tracer Business


  • The time of profiling is freely selectable.
  • Each participant receives an individual strategy profile.
  • The individuality of each individual is taken into account.
  • Profiling is done online.
  • The profiles form a good basis for subsequent training measures.
More about Tracer Business

The BMW Group Netherlands has been working since 2005 with the Institute Synergy in the area of assessments for sales, management and aftersales. We especially love the fantastically pragmatic approach of Wilma Pokorny-van Lochem – exactly to the point but always with a view to the development of the person concerned!

Diana de Lange, BMW Group Netherlands

Institut Synergie GmbH